Marathon Training Schedule, Diet and Motivation
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Marathon Training Advice

Prepare with knowledge from our library will help you prepare for your challenge ahead by providing you a wealth of knowledge and advice

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Training Schedule

Marathon Training that's comprehensive and enjoyable

"MARATHON-GURU" Your 16 week training schedule that guides, adapts and your training sessions and…

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Dietary advice for training through to and including race day

One of the most important factors in your running is your diet, we have a comprehensive section on eating right…

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Live Webinars

Live and interactive

On a monthly basis we hold interactive webinars that allow you to ask questions "live" with Marathon Coaches and sports…

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The accomplishment of finishing a marathon is an awesome feeling. It's extremely rewarding to complete a marathon, but it's hard and needs good preperation. signup2We developed this site to make it easy to progress through your marathon training schedule tailored to your own marathon goals.

Starting with your Marathon Goal time we have set out a 112 day (16 week) training Schedule with pace times for each session, somthing you won't get from most other marathon training sites.

Besides the unique schedule we know that you will be seeking information on Diet, Motivation and injury prevention or recovery. This site provides a wealth of knowledge in these areas as well.

The best thing is that you can trial it for 4 weeks FREE TRIAL and you don't even need a pre payment!









Some Feedback from the runners who have emailed us: Marathon Guru Launched on the 29th May 2011, here are the emails we have had from users in the first 3 and a bit weeks of Marathon Guru. What's important to remember while you are reading feedback from these users is, we didn't even ask for feedback.

1st June"Early days and loving Marathon Guru, it's a great motivator." Jason (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June "I signed up for my first marathon this week and the marathon guru which is fabulous thank you." Rachael (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June "Am enjoying the start to the marathon guru schedule. Lots to learn". Jacob (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June "PS Love the idea and the training help. I run by myself so this helps me greatly". Kay (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June. "I've just started using Marathon Guru and it seems great so far." Jason
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June "By the way I'm loving the program so far :-)".Cheri (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)
2nd June "Cheers and thanks – this is a great tool and we are really appreciating it as novice runners!" Wendy (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June. "i've just started usuing Marathon Guru and it's great" Ben
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

2nd June. "I love how it adjust your predicted marathon time as you complete each session." Cheri
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

3rd June. "I'm liking the marathon guru program already". Paul
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

5th June. "Nice website - very useful." Chris
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

5th June "Like the website a lot." Clement
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

6th June. "Thanks for such a great training tool" Melissa (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

6th June "I wanted to thank you for this great initiative and your enthusiasm." Fabien (Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

10th June. "I'm really excited to use the marathon guru training program..." Melinda
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

12th June "I’m really enjoying it so far. This will be my first marathon." Amber
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

15th June "I am really enjoying the challenge that marathon guru is presenting for me." Tom
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

16th June "I have just started using marathon guru and feel very motivated by it." Sharon
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

22nd June. "Hi. It was like gold finding your web site. Congrat's on setting it up. I joined instantly." Graham
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

23rd June "I have been using the system for the past few weeks and found it very useful (thanks!). Glenn
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

23rd June." I am finding that your online program is awesome - it's keeping me
motivated, determined and also accountable!! Love it!
" Michelle
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

24th June. "Thank you very much for this amazing program to achieve next Sydney Marathon. I come from Spain and I never saw this kind of program to follow a training for a marathon:It´s amazing and I am enjoying every day. Keep going!!!" Sam
(Blackmores Sydney Marathon)

Marathon Training Schedule

MarathonTraining Schedule was deisgned to be the best web resource for Marathon Training information and interactive Marathon Training Schedules (via the soon to be released Marathon Guru technology) including Marathon Diet, Marathon tips & videos, Marathon Webinars, Marathon Shop, and more. We have everything you need to get you through to the finish line and enjoy your training and Marathon.

The Marathon Training Schedule, Marathon Guru and Videos section provides great instructional content to help you improve your running. Our Marathon tips articles are provided by some of the greatest Marathon runners in the World and our Marathon videos were created by some of the top Marathon Coaches teaching today.

Our Marathon Webinars which we like to refer to as Cyber training camps bring you in touch with the greatest minds in the running fraternity. The webinars are interactive and provide you a great insight to the focused topics.

Everything you need to statistically analyze and improve your training can be found in the Marathon Training Schedule section, including our convenient and printable training program. The adition of Marathon Guru lists all of the recent sessions you have completed, and is the perfect place to track and record your training. We love it and you will to because it predicts your Marathon time based on the training performances you produce. It also self adjusts your schedule going forward so that you can continue to improve or find your balance.


The Marathon Shop when introduced will on the other hand help to find all the gear you need to be ready for the big day.

If you are in Melbourne I recommend your try Eltham Massage.

569DUWEJ3FR3 :: Inspiring you, advising you and supporting you to complete your Marathon goals :: Selecting the right running Shoe :: Trainging :: Trainging

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